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About Youth in Decline

Youth in Decline is a publisher of lovely and strange zines, comics, and games.

Our focus is on supporting diverse and unique stories from up and coming North American creators, introducing English-speaking audiences to our favorite international cartoonists and writers, and providing an outlet for artistic books from established creators we love. We value our authors, and the fair and prompt compensation of creators is a central tenant of every project and product we release.

Submission Guidelines

Youth in Decline is not actively looking for new submissions for 2020 publications, but is always very interested in learning about new work from up & coming cartoonists. You can get in touch via our Contact page - please include a short summary of your work, and links to an online gallery or sample pages of art/comics.



Same Hat

Same Hat was a long-running blog showcasing underground and horror manga.

Co-created by Ryan and Evan Hayden in 2005, Same Hat was a popular blog that worked to shine a spotlight on our favorite manga creators, such as Yoshida Sensha, Junji Ito, Kazuo Umezu, Shintaro Kago, Suehiro Maruo, Koji Aihara, Yamada Hanako, and many others.

Same Hat uniquely focused on unpublished Japanese manga, artist news and events, book reviews, and in-depth posts on the history of manga translation and publishing in America. The site is currently on hiatus but is complemented by the Same Hat Tumblr.